Pray for those affected by bush fires in Australia

Pray for those affected by bush fires in Australia

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A video has been produced and prayers written by IRCA members in the Oceania region. They have been posted on the IRCA Facebook page but copied and pasted here for those not on Facebook. Many thanks to Martin Harrison.

Prayers for the Bush fires
Show Movie reflection
Give a few moments of silence after
Jude and Andy Benton have reflected that “ it is akin to the kaikoura earthquake situation. We have both been under the pump since then, Jude helping arrange the evacuation, find beds etc, and me playing traffic control, and loading supplies. It will be a long recovery. “
In time the smoke will clear and all the losses will be known. The world media will find other stories but for those of us that have journed through these fires will have had our life changed for ever. Help us and those that we live in community with to support and look after each other. May we in time find and see new life.
Help us as the Christian community to hold the Christ light for all through this time.

Hand a bowl of ash around the church and invite people to tak a pinch of it and rub it on their palm or between their fingers. As they do think and pray for the communities affected . Think of the harrowing situation being faced and the long clean up ahead. Everything is black & it gets under your fingernails & into every wee crevice in the skin. In 1 Cor 12:26 St Paul says If one part hurts, every other part is involved in the hurt, and in the healing.(message translation). Our brothers and sisters are hurting pray for them and ask how you can be used by God as part of the healing required.

Hand out a glass of water to everyone and invite everyone to drin ,reflect and pray. As you drink it think of how important it is. Water is a basic necessity of life. It can douse a fire and it can bring to life creation and sustain life. Pray for those effected by the fires. As you drink aask God to quench the thirst of the needy.
End with the Lords prayer

Invite people to write a personal message at the end of the service. Do some research and find a church community within the Bush fire areas and email them photographs of the pages of messages and Let them know you prayed for them.