Awhi Mai Awhi Atu: Women in Creation Care

edited by Silvia Purdie, 2022. Available as ebook or hard copy

Does your church or community group want to get involved in caring for creation but don’t know where to start?
The contributors to this book explore the issues, share their personal visions, and offer practical ideas that your church or group can act on today.
The book documents the emergence of a dynamic mission movement, and builds that movement with practical, creative ideas and resources.

The Church as Salt by Sally Douglas, 2021.

Becoming the community Jesus speaks about. For an interview with Sally about this theme, click here

Gleanings of a Prairie Pastor by Joyce Sasse, 2021:

free ebook binging together memories and reflections from many years of fruitful rural ministry

Re-Shaping Rural Ministry: A Theological and Practical Handbook,

edited by James Bell, Jill Hopkinson and Trevor Willmott

God of the Whenua: Rural Ministry in Aotearoa New Zealand by Bill Bennett, 2005

With an ecumenical scope, Bill Bennett looks in depth at the traditional churches that still maintain a rural presence and their ministries

Rural Ministry: the shape of the renewal to come by L. Shannon Jung, 1998

For electronic version for limited time borrowing click here