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Thursday 31 August at 1300 NZST

Among those at the IRCA 2023 Sequel gathering in May this year there was a keenness to keep ourselves connected. Aware of a changing world, with travel more difficult economically and from environmental considerations, it seemed a no brainer to make good use of the experience and expertise we developed over recent years with being face-to-face at a distance, i.e. over the internet.

In that spirit we are inviting all who are interested to join a ZOOM session at the end of this month. The time of day will hopefully fit for people across the whole region, from Western Australia to the islands of Polynesia. 

We will open with connecting together – short self-introductions and identifying any topics of interest or stories we’d like to share later in the session. Rev Jill McDonald from Hawkes will then speak about the community ministry “Bridging Hawkes Bay” that they are developing in the region. An article in our first IRCA Oceania Stories linked to her presentation earlier in the year at a chaplaincy workshop, outlining church and community responses to cyclone Gabrielle that caused devastation across the whole region. Check it out her presentation here.

Also, Wessley Manasa Vatanitawake has a proposal for us for IRCA Oceania 2024.

Following that we can pick up any stories or topics of interest from the group.  We’ll aim for 90 minutes for the initial session, as it is pretty much guesswork how much time we’d like to spend together. It will however be fine to come and go as you are available. 

Email [email protected] for the link to the meeting.  1300 NZST Thursday 31 August. 

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