IRCA North America


IRCA North America covers active groups in both the USA and Canada.

The Canadian Rural Church Network

The Vision of the Canadian Rural Church Network is to be a supporting network for rural church and rural community development in Canada.  Through the internet and modern communications, ecumenical partners are able to:

  • Support each other.
  • Help articulate the rural story and spiritual values.  
  • Affirm the Church’s role at the heart of small communities.
  • Exchange information and resources across Canada and around the world.
  • Advocate on behalf of the rural perspective.
  • Reflect the importance of community values in a global society.

Click the picture or link above for the website, which includes contact details for Eric Skillings, who is also the Secretary and Executive Treasurer for IRCA.


The Rural Church Network of the United States and Canada is a forum for sharing among denominational leaders and other town and rural strategic partners working for wholeness and health of rural churches and communities. Click the link above or picture for the website, which includes contact details for David Ruesink, who has been involved with IRCA for many years and is very active in sending in supporting rural churches in the USA.

See also the United Methodist Rural Advocates, a fellowship which aims to “To advocate, educate, inspire, and influence the United Methodist Church around rural issues”.