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Growing Together: The 2018 Quadrennial Conference, Lincoln, New Zealand, 15-21 April

This event aims to inspire, encourage and equip rural church leaders from across the globe as they explore the challenges and opportunities facing rural mission and ministry. With a learning community approach at its core, lay and ordained groups from countries and regions will consider together the ‘What is?’, ‘What could be?’ and ‘What will be?’ for their rural church context, inspired by stories and worship from different countries and traditions, and fed by key notes on reconciling communities and collaborative ministry. Delegates will leave with action steps for their area, a set of resources for mission and poverty reduction, new friends and a network offering ongoing support.

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Past conferences

5th Conference, July & August 2014, Lilongwe, Malawi

The theme was “Holding on to hope” Read the conference notes (PDF, 70 pages)

4th Conference, September 2010, Altenkirchen (Westerwald), Germany

The 4th IRCA Conference saw the adoption of the constitution.

3rd Conference, July 2007, Brandon, Canada

The theme of the conference was “Cry from the heart”. Read the conference notes (PDF, 54 pages)

2nd Conference, November 2002, Chennai, India

The Statement of Faith and Vision of IRCA were developed and adopted at this Conference. Go to the About page to find out more

1st Conference, August 1998, Durham, England

The theme of the inaugural conference was “Rural Culture and Spirituality”

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