Bible and Ecotheology

Laudato Si’ Integral Ecology Collection

Laudato Si’ Research Institute has created a website for OPEN ACCESS to key texts on integral theology.

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The Four Tasks of Christian Ecotheology: revisiting the current debate by Ernst M. Conradie 2020

Ecological Hermeneutics Critical Reflection and Assessment by Kivatsi J. Kavusa, (from Old Testament Essays) 2019

Ecofaith: Reading Scripture in an Era of Ecological Crisis by J.J. Johnson Leese 2019

Water and Livelihood by Robyn McPhail 2021

Repair Our Home and T-shirts, Energy and Courage by Mary Betz (from Tui Motu)

Creation, Ecology and Environment articles by Neil Darragh (from Tui Motu)

Laudato Si’ 2015 Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis on Care for Our Common Home

Reading the Bible with Care for Creation: An Essay by David Rhoads

A Christian Perspective on Sustainability in Rural Areas – 2007

Living on the Land – Ecotheology in Rural New Zealand 2000