IRCA Conference 2023

Dubuque, Iowa, USA

Dubuque Iowa” by is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

13-19 April 2023

Flourishing: Land, People, Community

The Bible tells us that God is a God of abundance, yet many of us live in settings/contexts that emphasise scarcity. Can we get beyond the numbers to share the stories of God’s abundance among us?

Quadrennial conference updates

The registration/payment deadline is April 5. 

The transportation gas surcharge of $75 is also due at this time. Your registration will be cancelled if full payment or other arrangements have not been made by that date.

All persons will need to show proof of a covid-10 vaccination to enter the U.S.  More information as to what type of proof is needed can be found here.

Please send your flight arrangements as soon as you have them.  They can be entered on the form found here.  If you need to stay additional days because of the flight schedule, you are responsible for paying for those nights even if you have received a scholarship.  A payment portal will be up shortly.

Make sure you have a valid US visa or a valid ESTA (mostly European Countries).  You will not be allowed to enter the US without one.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

We are looking forward to seeing everyone and are praying that your trips will go smoothly.


Highlights of the programme include:

A three day joint conference with the Wartburg Lutheran Seminary’s Center for Theology and Land Rural Ministry Conference. (April 16 -18, 2023.)

Go to Wartburg Rural Ministry Conference page here

Keynote speakers at this joint conference will be Rev Dr Gilson A.C. Waldkoenig, the Paulssen-Hale-Maurer Chair of Church in Society and Director of Town and Country Church Institute and

Dr Heather J. Major, a Practical Theologian and Missiologist, an advocate for rural ministry and accessible theological education, and in-coming Chair of the International Rural Churches Association. On twitter

Meeting people from around the world who share a common interest in rural ministry.

Spending the weekend (April 15 & 16) visiting and worshipping with a regional rural family.

Field trips and excursions include the Four Mounds Conference Center, Convivium Urban Farmstead, and a visit to New Melleray Abbey (sustainable forestry practices), and (subject to confirmation) a narrated Mississippi River Cruise.

For more detail of the programme click here.

Dubuque Iowa” by is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


The registration cost is inclusive of conference, accommodation, and meals. For the full cost registration between February 1 and March 27 the deposit is USD $200 (total cost USD$1,100).  Final payment of USD $900 is by April 5.

Click here to go to the registration site on Eventbrite.

One of the benefits of the conference is meeting new people.  Take this one step further and room with another person.  You can share insights at the end of the day, and dive into each other’s culture more fully.  While it does not decrease the registration fee, it does add to the enjoyment of the conference.  Mark the box for willingness to share on the registration form.  If you know who you would like to room with, you can add that person’s name.  If you are open to whomever can be your roommate, one will be assigned to you.


We will be staying at the Best Western Dubuque (costs included in registration) and you need to register separately for the hotel.  Please use the dates given in the registration form and include that it is for the WTS conference group rate.  Note that you will check out on Saturday and recheck in on Sunday after the rural immersion experience.  This is to keep the costs down.  (To hold the room overnight would have increased registration by USD $150.)

Hotel bookings must be confirmed by March 13 or rooms may not be available.


Click here to read about this. You are asked whether you would be willing to preach or do an adult forum if you participate in this experience.  Also note if you prefer pet-free housing.


Please note that there are no longer commercial flights to Dubuque and there is a slight surcharge for transportation (to help cover the increase in gasoline) at the two main airports serving Dubuque.  Payment for transfers from either Chicago or Cedar Rapids, IA, is included in the Eventbrite process.

Please enter your flight information below when your flights are confirmed.


Contact us at this email if you have any local arrangements questions.

For the secretary of IRCA, click HERE


Check Visa Waiver Program Requirements for the list of countries in the Visa Waiver Program.  If your country is not on this list, you will need a Visa. Unfortunately there is now insufficient time for visas to be processed and enable travel to USA. (Note that Canadians typically do not require visas to enter the United States.)