Participants from South Asia, East Asia, and South East Asia have been part of IRCA gatherings for many years.

The Church of South India hosted IRCEA 2002 in Chennai and at that conference the emblem for IRCA was born. Click on the image for more about the 2002 conference.

The network is developing with two people in the IRCA Leadership Group taking the lead.


Rev June Hee Kim – 고원교회, South Korea

June was born in Seoul, Korea. He graduated from Sogang University as a philosophy major (B.A), from Hanshin Seminary (Th.M), and is studying at Pyeongtaek University’s Graduate School of Interpreting and Translation. Ordained at Seoul East Presbytery of PROK in 2012. June is minister of Gowon Church in Jinan, Korea and a member of Life Giving Agriculture Asia. Read more about June here.

Bishop Deva Prasada Rao Boyineni, India

Prasad was key to the conference in Chennai, South India in 2002. He is now Bishop Emeritus Rayalaseema Diocese and Korind Coworker at Shalom House. Gopi Nagar. Prasad is one of IRCA “elders”.

Arriving for the 2023 IRCA Conference