The emblem above was gifted to IRCA by K M D Henry, Artist with the Church of South India, as the logo for the 2002 Chennai Conference.

As the artist says, it symbolically denotes:

  • Rural Indian women carrying their sons with their heads covered
  • Women and children represent the voices of the voiceless in India
  • They also look like Mary carrying her baby Jesus
  • In a closer look the women look like praying hands in the church
  • The dome shape represents church architecture with a cross in it
  • The symbolic human form of the cross represents Jesus on the cross
  • The same cross looks like the Holy Spirit descending upon those in the church
  • The cross also resembles the India map
  • The outer circle is the globe and the inner circle the oneness of the church (Ecumenism)
  • The church is the voice of / for the voiceless
  • The script in between the circles is yet another step towards the new order of the world
  • The whiteness around the church (in the colour version there is a rim of light around in inside church shape) is the new light that the ‘Voices’ aim to bring in the world.