IRCA 2022 Central Europe

Presentation from Central Europe


Gracious and merciful God, our Mother and our Father,
creating heaven and earth,
creating the land, the woods, the fields, the rivers and the lakes, creating us all,

we thank you this day for the opportunity to be together around the world, your beautiful world.

We thank you for the divers and beautiful landscapes in Europe, for the fruits of the earth. We thank you for the warm sun and the white snow today here in Transylvania, Romania.

But, o God, there is also darkness and grey, ashes on our continent and in our hearts. Blood is oozing into your earth in Ukraine, our neighbour state. Thousands of tears are flowing into your earth.

We lament this cruel war in Ukraine and all the horrible situations.

We pray for those who have too much power and are misusing it against life. God, our creator, see the blood, the tears and the fears on your earth. God, hear the pain in our hearts.

In these dark days, we’re longing for life.
In these cold days, we’re longing for love and light.

Have mercy on us, o God,
according to your unfailing love;
according to your great compassion
Let us and your earth rejoice.

We’re praying for wisdom and courage,
we’re praying for strengthening and resilience,

we’re praying for inspiration and joyful ideas.
We’re praying for justice and peace.

O God, hear our prayer for Europe and for your earth.

Let us see your beauty.

Have mercy.
In Jesus Christ’s name.


Angelika Beer, Transylvania