IRCA-Oceania 2021


Because of restrictions put in place by the Australian Government, the Agricultural College at Longreach has had to cancel our booking for this August.

The proposed rescheduled date for the conference is Sunday 22 to Thursday 27 August 2021.

Participants will be able to arrive on the Sunday and leave on the Friday.

IRCA Oceania 2021

Theme: Bringing Hope in Challenging Times

Longreach, Queensland, Australia


This ecumenical conference will commence on Sunday 23 August 2020 with reception and dinner and conclude at by mid morning on Friday 28 August, to enable participants to catch the flight out of Longreach.

There will be an option for people to stay on in accommodation until Saturday 29th August if they prefer.

The theme, “Bringing Hope in Challenging Times”, will provide an opportunity to share stories of lament and stories of hope in difficult times, times which most recently have included a pandemic affecting the whole human world.

Rural communities throughout Oceania – Australia, New Zealand, and the Islands of the South Pacific and Melanesia – are all experiencing challenging times.  We have been facing challenges for some decades now and the 21st Century has only made the challenges more daunting.  Rural churches are embedded within rural communities and can be their heart and soul, however we often feel unsupported by urban based denominational churches and can be negatively impacted by decisions made at the national or regional level.   

We therefore take up the task ourselves to network with other rural churches and work together to inspire and encourage.  That is what IRCA-Oceania 2021 will be all about.

The conference is planned to include (NB these are the details that were planned for 2020 and may have to be changed for 2021):

  • Inputs from invited speakers
    • Rev Linley Liersch, Uniting Church in Australia minister, on growing people and churches in faith and hope

    • Rt Rev Matt Brain, Anglican Diocese of Bendigo, on trialling ways to sustain ordained ministry in rural locations 

    •  Rev Canon Greg Harris, Bush Church Aid, on financing ministry to  rural and remote places
    • A panel from a wide range of denominations sharing a workshop on approaches to the current difficulties in rural and remote ministry
  • Field trips to local points of interest, with opportunities to meet local people living with the land
  • Time for participants to share stories of challenge and hope in their own home place
  • Meeting as IRCA-Oceania to consider our purpose as a network and make plans for the future
  • Each day will begin and end with prayer

We, in the rural churches, are bearers of hope through whatever challenges we, as rural people, might face: drought, floods, biological pests, and global economic and political influences.


The cost proposed for IRCA Oceania 2020 was AUD1,250.   Any update on this will be advised once the rebooking of the facility for 2021 is made.

The cost is to cover accommodation, meals, conference expenses (including field trips).

Please note that the items below were in place for the 2020 Conference and sit here awaiting confirmation for 2021.


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